jagminder-pal-dpI am Jagminderpal Singh Grewal from Burj Hakiman Village, Raikot Tehsil in Ludhiana, Punjab. In my family besides me, I have my wife and my two children, a daughter and a son. I used to work in electricity board and after leaving that job, I started with dairy farming with 5 cows. I really enjoyed dairy farming and used to work hard. After a while my wife got the visa of England we migrated to England. We spent around 5 years over there, but my interest was still in dairy farming, and we decided to come back.

After coming back I again started with dairy farming and now I have 8 cows and 6 buffalos. I also do farming along with dairy farming. I take 15 acres on lease along with 10 acres of land that I own. The crops that I grow are wheat, paddy, mustard and potato.



I own 10 Acres and 15 Acres on Lease.


Wheat, Paddy, Mustard and Potato.


Tractor, Trolley, Rotavator, Leveler, Cultivator, Disc Plough, Seeder.


8 Cows and 6 Buffalos

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Message to Farmers

Agriculture if done with due diligence is very profitable. My message to farmers is that they should work with full honesty and hard work. Youth should take up agriculture as means of employment and if they will be working and busy they will also stay away from drugs. Farmers should also explore allied activities such as dairy farming, which I also plan to start in near future.


Jagminderpal Singh Grewal

Address: Village Burj Hakiman, Raikot Tehsil, Ludhiana District, Punjab 141107
Phone: +91 9814068838